Short Stories

Journey Home

It’s not a drill!

Their ship, the only home they’ve known, is falling apart.  Aiya tells her children about their original planet as they are flung from their ship to a new world.

Space travel comes to an end but what awaits them?

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Previously published under A Journey Home by Eileen Troemel

I Dare You

Younger sisters are so annoying!

Sasha dares her younger sister Lola to go into an abandoned house. It is old, rickety, and haunted. Lola accepts her sister’s challenge and enters the house. Sasha expects her sister to chicken out but she doesn’t.  Instead, her sister’s scream echo from inside the scary old house.

​​​​​​​Was she attacked by a ghost? Is she dead? Sasha waits while her parents investigate.

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Previously published under Creaky Old House by Eileen Troemel


Not again! 

Angela scolds her daughter Becca as her actions bring the attention of the overbearing government.  Fearing the Special Police, Becca and her mother must flee their home!

Will they escape or have Becca’s actions doomed her? 

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Previously published under A Bright Future by Eileen Troemel